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Subject: Ff8,eyes on me...
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armandtt 1/5/2007 - 9:47:24
I got so teary eyed playin ff8 for the 1st time,and i felt so touched when rinoa was lost in space and squall saved her,and then the song...faye wong's eyes on me...beautiful!it makes me want2fall inlove...never has a game,had this effect on me.. *

chime06 2/16/2007 - 7:04:48
yu telling me. that made me wana cry as well. but have u played FF7, the end of disc where the flower girl dies... that is sad *

cloud_s 8/6/2007 - 5:55:48
That's why I chose Final Fantasy Tears as d name of my site. The best ff games make u wanna cry *

bahamut 26.10.07 - 06:57pm
I nearly cried when I saw what a mess they made of X-2. And also when I discovered they'd changed the battle system in XII. *

lillylu 19.11.07 - 12:52am
Does anyones thinks dat ff has changed? Ff12 just felt cold nd empty compared 2 ff7. Ff made u care about ur characters more than just them having low health. Do get me? Or is it just me?? *

bahamut 25.11.07 - 12:17pm
Precisely. The last one I felt even a emotional attachment for was in Final Fantasy X when Tidus discovered Yuna true fate while at the Al Bhed Home. Since then, nothing. *

bahamut 25.11.07 - 12:18pm
That should have read even a slight emotional attachment. *

phosgal 25.01.08 - 04:43pm
I agree i love aeris theme when she died n then u hve 2 fight jenova straight after while the music is still playin was realy gud *

runestar 7.03.08 - 01:19pm
Best vocal FF song to date. *

runestar 11.09.08 - 07:48am
... is the skies above lol.GIF *

acebru 29.09.10 - 06:07pm
ff xiii made me cry when i realized i wasted my money. Cant believe a game can get soo soppy. And what a useless levelling up system. My 5 year old niece even understands it. Very sad square very sad *

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