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Subject: Toughest Boss?
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bahamut 25.11.07 - 12:23pm
I'm sure this topic has been done to death before, but there isn't one here so thought i'd post it. So who do you all think it is then? *

cloud_s 26.11.07 - 09:13am
It's obviously omega weapon in ff8. His megiddo flame deals 9998 to every character and his terra attack deals 4000 damage per meteor. *

bahamut 28.11.07 - 12:38am
Finally someone who agrees. I know that, but i have idiotic acquaintances who probably pretend they've done omega in FfVIII who pretend that Ruby in FfVII is harder. Idiots. *

uffie 10.12.07 - 12:47pm
omega is proper hard! it did take me a while to do ruby weapon too, but still... was easier than omega lol (_) *

phosgal 25.01.08 - 04:37pm
Ruby weapon frm svn is hard but emerald (one in sea) i thought was harder *

runestar 7.03.08 - 01:09pm
Ultimecia ff8 and omega from same game. *

alanmack 29.09.08 - 08:03pm
Omega defo its the hardest. *

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